Community Fabrication

kristin broumas

Kristin developed the protocol for working directly with clients to create full custom ski graphics and has co-designed with our clients 1000’s of custom ski graphics. Kristin has been key in the development of the wet lay process where the ski/composite is built up and bonded with epoxy resin and efficiently vacuum pressed to cure. She has has an extensive knowledge in issues pertaining to establishing a manufacturing business. Also key to the success of each project is Kristin's comprehensive knowledge of work flow management, materials acquisition, design and contract fulfillment.

michael lish

Both the manufacturing platform and ski design software are the brainchild of Michael Lish. He has been building ski and snowboard factories here in the states and overseas for over 30 years. Michael has been on the manufacturing floor continuously designing and building 1000’s of fully custom skis. He has been highly influential in introducing breakthrough technologies and an advocate for completely rethinking American based manufacturing to reestablish the United States as a leader in manufacturing.

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